About Me

Hi, I’m Gabrielle.

I am an Accredited Practising Dietitian working and living in stunning rural South Australia. I am passionate about empowering others to live a healthier life through  food and am lucky enough that I get to do this every day!

I  love being able to take a great recipe and make it healthier without compromising on flavour.  Healthy food doesn’t get enough credit, many people see it as being tasteless, expensive and time consuming – they’re wrong!

It’s the small rituals that we do daily that have a true impact on our health, following the latest diet for two weeks won’t have much impact. I believe healthy eating is a lifelong habit rather than a quick fix diet. Rather than depriving your body to achieve a certain body image (which will only leave you feeling disappointed and run down), healthy eating aims to provide the body with foods that will nourish the body and promote good health. Here you will find easy recipes using mostly unprocessed, plant based ingredients that will help you get out there and Nourish the Day.

x Gab