Banana Blueberry Scrolls

Bananas and blueberries were made for each other and make the perfect low fat lower sugar filling for these simple scrolls. Easy to make and requiring no fancy equipment, these scrolls are perfect for kids to help cook too. Even better, they are egg, wheat and dairy free, so suitable for those with allergies and safe to pack in lunch boxes as they contain no nuts. …

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Earth Bowl with Spicy Avocado Dressing

So lets talk about salad. Can you make friends with it? Absolutely. Gone are the days when salad meant a few limp lettuce leaves, slice of tomato and some grated cheese (if you wanted to be fancy) thrown on the side of the BBQ meat. These days salads are anything from fancy starters to full, nourishing meals that stand on their own. …

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Autumn Apple and Buckwheat Porridge

I had been craving a big bowl of buckwheat porridge for so long when this recipe came to mind. We have a whole row of apple trees in our orchard at home so there is always a glut of fresh, crisp apples to be used up come Autumn harvest so they were the obvious choice for this dish. Its also been getting a bit colder here in the mornings which means its time for the warmer and more filling breakfast options to shine.

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Fig and Dark Chocolate Hot Cross Scones

After trying out multiple “healthier” hot cross bun recipes I have given up trying to make this yeast-leavened, sultana studded treat – at least for this year. My attempts have ranged from disastrous (small sad buns so hard they could be used as a weapon) to disappointing (lovely and risen but dry and lacking salt). As a result, I have hung up my baker’s hat and relegated my box of yeast to the back of the fridge for a while. Instead I have chosen to make the cheats version of this easter staple, the hot cross scone. My rendition is generously filled with juicy pieces of dried fig, 70% cocoa dark chocolate and delicately spiced with cinnamon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the traditional flavours of spice and dried sultanas but sometimes a more luxurious version is called for.

Having said that, these buns are not nearly as sinfully indulgent as they appear….

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7 Ways to make Spaghetti Bolognese Healthier (plus my favourite vego bolognese sauce recipe)

It’s a staple in most Australian households and it’s the one dish that most people know how to make. Recipes can range from a simple 3 ingredient (bottle of sauce + mince + pasta) rendition or include over 20 ingredients (fresh tomatoes, different proteins and heaps of top secret herbs). It’s the go-to weeknight family meal and for many people it would also be a food of comfort but is it good for you? Well yes and no. You can make this dish as healthy or as unhealthy as you like. A giant bowl of pasta with a meaty sauce made using budget mince and topped with cheese is not going to be a very balanced meal (unless you’re carbing up for a sports event!) and will likely make you feel a bit bloated and sluggish after. While a small bowl of whole meal pasta with sauce containing heaps of veg plus a good portion of salad will give you all you need to keep your body working well.

Here I give 7 ways to make everyone’s  favourite go-to dish better for you

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Banana, Fig and Coconut granola


This granola smells absolutely amazing, I made up a huge batch a few days ago. The fragrant (almost banana bread-like) smell wafted out of the oven and all through the house. It was enough to bring my housemates out of hibernation and come out of their rooms looking for the source of this deliciousness.

This is a similar recipe to my Caramel and Fig granola, it is not as sweet and uses mashed banana and a little bit of coconut oil to keep everything together rather than using a sweetener. It is also nut free so suitable for those with allergies or if you want to send it with kids to school. …

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