Green Goddess Pasta

I don’t know about you but lately I have been putting pesto on everything! I have been giving the traditional basil sauce a bit of a twist by adding in different herbs such as parsley or coriander and whatever greenery I can get my hands on. This green goddess pesto is packed full of natural superfoods, from the brain boosting walnuts to the all round amazing extra virgin olive oil (the only oil you should be making pesto with!). …

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Healthier satay sauce with veggie skewers


If theres one thing they do well in Bali (besides beaches, cocktails and sun obviously) its satay sauce, anyone who has tried the traditional dish Gado Gado will know what I mean. Sometimes satay sauce can be a bit oily (and full of sugar!) so I wanted to make my own peanut satay sauce with just a little less fat and without the sugar while trying to keep the rich flavour. I think I came close.

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