Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies


Spending a bit of time in the kitchen means that I definitely have those epic recipe fails,especially when trying to make recipes healthier, pancakes don’t set, biscuits burn and sugar-free cake turns out bland and rubbery. Others you get right but have to spend a while perfecting. But this recipe wasn’t either one of those, it was one of those freak recipes that come along and somehow manage to turn out perfect first go. I’m not saying its never going to change, most of my recipes get adapted somewhere along the line but for now I am more than happy. Who knew healthy brownies could be so good. Just to be sure I tested them on my housemates and friends (anyone else want to be my guinea pig?) and they agreed these were pretty awesome.

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Chilled Earl Grey Chocolate Custard pots


When you think about great flavour matches, what comes to mind? Strawberries and cream, lime and coconut, chocolate and mint, rum and raisin, peanut butter and just about anything… I want to introduce a new flavour pairing, chocolate and earl grey tea. It sounds a bit weird right? I must admit I was a bit skeptical about if it would work or not. Amazingly the floral notes from the earl grey tea give a whole new depth of flavour to the silky, dark chocolate custard and turns it into quite a sophisticated dessert. Admittedly, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea (pardon the pun) especially if you aren’t a fan of earl grey when it comes to your morning cuppa but if you’re up for something new this one is definitely for you.

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The Best raw chocolate recipe

I always wanted to be able to make chocolate myself at home, imagine that, never running out of  chocolate again! These raw chocolates are almost as good as the real thing (if not possibly better) and are perfect if you are a Pana chocolate lover like myself. Its expensive to buy the cacao butter but definitely worth it if you can afford to splurge (and ends up cheaper in the end than always buying raw  Pana chocolate from the shops).

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The ultimate healthy chocolate fudge brownie – three ways

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Who doesn’t love brownies, super sweet and fudgey they are the ultimate indulgence. Brownies are great to have every once in a while but not to eat regularly (anyone else ever feel slightly nauseous from so much sugar?).

So to satisfy my chocolate brownie craving I have been on the hunt for the ultimate “healthified” chocolate brownie recipe. Some have been great, some ok and some utterly terrible. The criteria: must be lower in sugar and not too high in fat, must be high fibre and not use white flours and above all had to be delicious. And then I found this one.

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Choc fudge cupcakes

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Soft, fluffy, fudgey, chocolatey cupcakes, sounds good right? what if I told you they were lower fat and sugar free? And gluten free too? With choc-chips! And yep and they still taste pretty awesome.

The secret here is using kidney beans. They remove the need for flour and give the cake a lovely moist and fudgey texture. At first when i heard about using kidney beans in cakes I was really weirded out but they work so well, I was definitely converted….

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Choc mint cheesecake


Let me introduce you to a cheese cake that is going to blow your mind. Are you ready? it doesn’t actually contain any cheese or even any dairy. In fact, this cheesecake is completely free from any animal products so it is vegan friendly and is gluten free too.

Its amazing how soaking and blending cashews turns them into a smooth and creamy cheesecake filling that even the most dedicated cheesecake eaters will love.  …

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Cherry choc ice cream


For me, the arrival of cherry season always signals that Christmas is coming. It wouldn’t be an Australian Christmas without a big bowl of fresh, crisp red cherries on the table.

We are lucky enough to be able to grow our own cherries which means we always have heaps extra to eat, cook and give away during December. I wanted to create an ice cream with cherries and chocolate  that was a little bit healthier but still smooth and creamy and that was dairy and egg free so everyone could enjoy it.

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Raw Bounty Bars

Who doesn’t love the old old childhood favourite, the bounty bar? This choccy treat gets a makeover using just a few ingredients and a whole lot of coconut. All you need to do is mix up the filling, freeze into shape then dip into a luscious and smooth homemade dark chocolate. Slightly messy, definitely delicious and deceptively easy to make. …

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