Zucchini, Corn and Mint Fritters

I love my veggie breakfasts but haven’t yet created a really good fritter recipe. I have been a bit turned off   fritters in the past as they tend to be overly eggy or come deep fried. These fritters are different. They are light, not at all oily and only use egg whites ( I hate the taste of egg but I find using egg whites, the taste doesn’t come through as strongly- if you have no issue with eggs, feel free to replace the 2x whites with one whole one). Zucchini and corn are both at their best at the moment, making this lovely seasonal summer breakfast (or brunch, lunch or dinner!). …

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Vanilla Buckwheat Breakfast Pudding


Lately life has been so busy, I have been doing an intensive course at uni, trying to prepare to move out to go on uni placement, keeping up at the gym and then working on the weekends as well! Sometimes life just gets so busy you run out of time to prepare food and find yourself having to eat on the run. This is definitely true for me at breakfast at the moment. Rather than buying something on the way to uni to eat I have been soaking a big batch of this buckwheat pudding on Sunday night so that its ready to eat in the morning.

The beauty of this recipe is that it takes no time to prepare, just stir up all the ingredients plus it will last in the fridge all week. Once the mix is all soaked in you can divide it between jars or containers and top with fruit and yoghurt all ready for the next morning.

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