Lemon, Strawberry and Peach Muffins


Soft, fluffy and easy to transport and eat, who doesn’t love a good muffin? However, most of the muffins you buy from cafe’s/supermarkets or bakeries are made from premixes which are full of hydrogenated fats, preservatives, artificial flavours and highly refined ingredients. I always make my own cakes at home and would rarely buy anything out, that way you know exactly what you are eating and can play around with any flavours you have on hand.¬†Here I have chosen to forego the highly refined white flour and sugar and filled these muffins with fruit to keep them moist and add sweetness.

These strawberry, peach and lemon muffins came about because we had heaps of very ripe strawberries and a half eaten tin of peaches in the fridge that were begging to be used up. You can experiment with almost any fruit you like or keep to the original.

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