Pumpkin and quinoa cakes


You might have noticed that pumpkin, chickpeas and quinoa are just a few of my favourite ingredients to use and I have combined all three here with some mediterranean style flavours to make these tasty little cakes. Full of flavour and not too difficult to make, these little pumpkin patties make the perfect portable lunch for all you food peppers out there.  This makes a big enough batch for a weeks worth of lunches (or more!). I like to serve these cakes with a simple tomato passata sauce and some greens but they would be just as at home with some hummus or yoghurt sauce in a wrap, burger or on top of a salad.

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Veggie and Lentil Dahl


Dahl is the ultimate dish, its flavoursome, quick and cheap to make and requires minimal effort. Don’t be too intimidated by the seemingly long list of ingredients, you can use whatever spices you happen to have in the cupboard and use up whatever veggies you have sitting in the fridge. I have jazzed mine up a little here using pumpkin, kale, quinoa and fresh turmeric but its all open to interpretation. If you like chilli, add more chilli, add whatever else you like. All you need is some onion, lentils, tinned tomatoes and inspiration.

Sorry about the lack of good photos of this dish but the taste makes up for it I promise!

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