Rooibos Chia Pudding

Rooibos tea (or red tea) is originally from South Africa, it goes really well mixed with orange or vanilla flavours or as a base for a comforting cup of chai. as it’s caffeine free it makes a great bed time tea and is suitable for children.

I have used it here to make a quick and easy chia pudding (because I haven’t posted one of those in a while!) – all you need to do is make up your strong cup of tea then leave everything to soak. No cooking even involved. …

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Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich 3 Ways

What’s cool as a cucumber, incredibly good looking and about as hot right now as an Aussie summer? Ice cream cookie sandwiches obviously. These are all relatively easy to make, especially since I chose to cheat on the cookies (Sorry, we have hit a heat wave here, not the best weather for cranking up the oven to bake!). These are great as an informal dessert that will still wow your family/guests/dog and so much fun to eat. …

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Cardamom Spiced Black Rice Pudding with Mango

This dish takes me back to bali where a popular dessert is sticky black rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaf – if you ever see it on the menu, its definitely worth it. This is my twist on the black rice pudding, using banana to sweeten instead of the sugar, adding in a few different spices and reducing the amount of coconut milk. This recipe is healthy enough  for breakfast or dessert, you choose!

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No Bake Raspberry Ripe Slice

You know those times when you want to make that amazing looking raw cake recipe but can’t really convince yourself that you should spend a small fortune buying the ridiculous amount of raw nuts called for? Been there.  So instead I have created a slightly budget friendlier raw slice recipe made without nuts.  It’s ridiculously easy to make and eat and did I mention that it’s delicious? It tastes just like a not-so-sickly-sweet version of the old cherry ripe favourite! …

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Banana Blueberry Scrolls

Bananas and blueberries were made for each other and make the perfect low fat lower sugar filling for these simple scrolls. Easy to make and requiring no fancy equipment, these scrolls are perfect for kids to help cook too. Even better, they are egg, wheat and dairy free, so suitable for those with allergies and safe to pack in lunch boxes as they contain no nuts. …

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Should you go Gluten Free + Spelt Porridge recipe

The internet and social media full of misinformation around nutrition (thanks pseudoscience!) which leads to a lot of confusion about what foods are actually healthy for you. Following the hype around gluten, I often get asked the questions:

Should I be avoiding gluten?

Will going gluten free help me lose weight?

Are gluten free foods better for you?

So lets debunk a few myths.

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