Zucchini, Corn and Mint Fritters

I love my veggie breakfasts but haven’t yet created a really good fritter recipe. I have been a bit turned off   fritters in the past as they tend to be overly eggy or come deep fried. These fritters are different. They are light, not at all oily and only use egg whites ( I hate the taste of egg but I find using egg whites, the taste doesn’t come through as strongly- if you have no issue with eggs, feel free to replace the 2x whites with one whole one). Zucchini and corn are both at their best at the moment, making this lovely seasonal summer breakfast (or brunch, lunch or dinner!). …

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Growing your own food + The perfect spring breakfast

I recently started volunteering with a Kitchen Garden Program in Adelaide aimed at introducing little kids to gardening and the benefits of homegrown produce. Many children who visit the garden have never seen a potato plant or had the chance to harvest a vegetable straight from the ground so the program is a great learning experience. Being involved in this has also made me reflect on my own kitchen garden experiences growing up.

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Veggie Breakfasts

Its national Nutrition week this week (October 11-18) and this years challenge is to the try for 5 challenge – getting 5 serves of veg in each day, you can sign up to take the challenge here.

It’s no secret I love my veggies and recently I have really been getting into having them for breakfast too. By starting the day with a serve of veg you’re already on your way to meeting those 5 serves. Plus it can help get you out of that breakfast rut, get more nutrients in and cut out the typical sugary breakfast choices (move over cereal!).

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The best vegetarian lasagne


Vegetarian Lasagne is something that is either amazing or really awful. Unfortunately the awful ones are almost always the ones you order in restaurants (and its usually the only vego dish on the menu too). Don’t worry, this one is one of the amazing ones, even meat loving lasagne eaters will love it.

I have used lentils and heaps of veg in a rich tomato sauce to still give the lasagne its lovely saucy texture and have added a layer of roasted pumpkin and spinach too to break it up. The usual heavy white sauce has been replaced with a sauce made from cauliflower and ricotta, you still get the creamy flavour but not so rich.

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