Tangy Lime Raw Cheesecake


Who doesn’t love cheesecake? Especially when its raw and sugar free (and doesn’t actually contain any cheese!). I actually love raw cheesecakes way more than the traditional version, they are not as sickly sweet and rich but are still satisfyingly sweet and creamy.

I made this cheesecake using lime as the starring flavour, the trick is to add just the right amount of lime juice to sweetener to get that tangy kick that makes this cake so addictive. Raw cheesecakes can be tricky to get set properly without using heaps of coconut oil or icky gelatine so I prefer to serve mine quite chilled (or even slightly frozen! just like an ice cream cake) that way the cake doesn’t go too soft. Avocado in a cake may sound weird but you can’t taste it (promise!), please it gives it a lovely velvety creaminess and accentuates the green colour we associate with lime.

This is also the first recipe I made using monk fruit sweetener. This is a virtually calorie free natural sweetener, made from a fruit native to China and Thailand that has been used for years to sweeten foods. It works well in both raw and baked recipes and has no bitter or excessively sweet aftertaste, I personally prefer it more than stevia. You can buy sweetener made from monk fruit in Australia from Norbu sweetener. I had a great opportunity to work with Norbu and contribute to their new raw dessert e-book. This Tangy lime cheesecake is the result . The e-book features 33 sugar free no-bake sweet treats and is 100% free to download! you can download it here http://bit.ly/18TdwhG

Nutrition: This cake is raw, vegan friendly and sugar, gluten and dairy free so it is suitable for many dietary requirements. Cashews and avocado provide healthy fats (much healthier than the traditional cheesecakes) but please note this cake is still quite high in fat in general even if they are good fats, so enjoy in moderation.






So what are you waiting for? Find this recipe (and heaps more!) in Norbu’s FREE ebook here http://bit.ly/18TdwhG


I really hop you like it!


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